Educational Booklets

Six Best and Worst IRA Rollover Decisions

IRA owners and their advisors can make expensive mistakes handling IRA rollovers

Six Strategies to Help Retirees Reduce Taxes

It's possible to increase your monthly cash flow with a fixed immediate annuity

How to Maximize Social Security Income

All of the information in this booklet is based on the data at the government's social security web site effective for 2021, unless otherwise stated.

How Wealthy People Use Professional Money Management

Just as surgeons don't operate on themselves, wealthy people usually do not invest their own money.

Retire SMART A Simple Guide To Retirement

While many Americans have spent years planning for their retirements, a great many of them have made a basic discovery once they reach that plateau.

CD Shopper Guide

Are you disturbed by the rates on CDs issued at your bank? There's something you can do about it.

For Those Who Want to Prosper and Thrive in Retirement

In this short booklet, we cover the most important issues.

Annuity Owner Mistakes

Annuities can be a great way to make your money work, but many people may not understand the risks, rewards, or the workings of their annuities!

Avoid Mistakes in Buying LTC Insurance

Statistics indicate that over half of all people over age 65 will require long-term care. In fact, the most current research statistics are below.